Nueva Beta de Facebook WebOs

bit-man 28 marzo 2010 0

Otra Beta se ha lanzado de Facebook

La información la encuentran aquí:

“Beta release of Facebook for WebOS being made available. “**The Facebook Beta v1.1.4 addresses a few bugs that got introduced in v1.1.2.** We have received a ton of great feedback on the Facebook app which is fantastic! The top request is for access to Facebook notifications. In our second beta, Facebook 1.1.2, there is Facebook notifications as well as webOS notifications. We wanted to marry them together in this release. If a new Facebook notification occurs, a banner and dashboard will alert you to the info and you can get directly to that info. And there’s more, other little features and fixes in this beta, including: Keyboard shortcuts now use our native “gesture area + key” support which includes a drop down “Navigate to….” area, Formatting of content has been fixed and if you launch the Facebook app when already running, refresh the feed a la Tweed.”